Issues - Alternative Form of Governance

Alternative Form of Community Governance

Characteristics of Mount Lorne

Mount Lorne is currently represented by a Local Advisory Council (LAC).  As an LAC, our community has only an advisory function.  As an LAC are not able to undertake community projects, acquire assets, apply for funding, or take actions beyond providing advice and recommendations.  As such, our views are subject to the political principles of the changing Yukon Governments.  The Municipal Act Allows for a range of community governments.  One of the forms of community government called a rural government structure is relatively described in the Yukon Municipal Act.  This form of government is largely undefined.

Order forming a rural government structure

The following describes the form of representative community governance Mount Lorne would like by describing the functions and roles we would like to have and those we would not like to have.

What we would like;

What we would not like: