Ice Rink

Your favorite outdoor rink in the Yukon is ... we know... LMCA's :)

LMCA operates an Olympic size outdoor ice rink – set up with lines, 2 goals, high netting and full floodlights that can be accessed 7 am – 9 am, 4 pm – 10 pm daily.

Our rink has an attached warm up area with a wood stove, benches and 2 heated change rooms – firewood is provided outside of the rink. An outhouse is available next to the rink.

The rink is cared for, cleared, and prepared with our Zamboni on a regular base throughout the week. Service depends on snowfall and temperatures. While we are proud of Zamboni and will provide the best service possible, we are dependent on staff availability and weather. Snow shovels are available in the warm-up/bench area if the rink is not clear when you arrive.

Other than the occasional rink rental, our rink is operated on a shared basis – anyone can come and enjoy it during operating hours.

Please be considerate towards all our users and please clean up the warm up room after use. This is a public place, alcohol consumption in the warm up area is not allowed.

The Ice Rink Creed

  • The rink belongs to the whole community, we will share it with all and treat other users with respect.

  • We will take the time to leave the warm up shed and change rooms cleaner than when we arrived (there are brooms and dust pans in the change room).

  • If we use firewood we will refill the supply beside the stove for the next people.

  • To be kind to the Zamboni, if snow is shovelled we will move it off the ice and OVER the boards. Please do not leave a pile in front of the gates.

  • We will use the outhouse, and not make puddles in the snow for the kids to find...

  • At the end of our skate we will clear the ice of all items, including pucks and nets, so they do not melt into the ice and jam up the Zamboni.

  • We respect that the oil furnace and rink lights are turned off at 10 pm. We will remember to turn the switches off if the lights turn off while we are on the ice.

  • We will keep the change room doors closed to keep the heat in.

  • We respect how important the safety glass is and will not intentionally shoot pucks against the glass.

  • We will pay the daily fee or join the centre as members. All our guests will pay the $5 fee to help keep the rink going.

  • If we see something that is not right we will communicate with each other to mediate the situation.

Rink Fees

LMCA has to cover 75% of all maintenance cost – so we do rely on your fees!

  • LMCA yearly membership includes use of ice rink for the full season. ($40.00 per year for the whole family) forms are available in the warm up area or HERE pay cheque, cash or e-transfer.

  • Non members please pay $5.00 day use fee in drop box provided at rink entrance. Members please encourage your friends/guests to pay drop in fee!

  • Please check out our ICE RINK CREED, also posted in warm up shack, a reminder of how we all can share and care for this great facility by behaving well

Rink Rentals

Renting the ice rink exclusively for a special event is possible! Please contact to make a reservation request. You can check the availability of the rink for rental on our events calendar.

Starting in 2022/2023, we are having blackout times on rental slots to prioritize community use.

  • Membership required to book the ice rink. No exceptions. If you are not a member, you will be charged membership on top of rental rates.

  • Please note that the ice rink and surrounding buildings are subject to video surveillance and monitoring.

  • Ice resurfacing service can be scheduled in advance

  • Zamboni service is not available in -20C or colder weather. This includes for pre-booked rentals.