Ski Trails

Lorne Mountain Community Association has over 15 km of gorgeously snowy cross - country ski trails for all to enjoy ! Members ski for free and the non-member day use drop in fee is $5.

We host ski club every year for youth aged 4 -16, at no cost ! Thank you to our funders including Yukon Lotteries, Recreation& Parks Association Yukon, and Yukon Development Assessment Process.

This year ski club starts in December. If you are interested in joining out program, please Email for more info or to sign up

Please have your dog under control if there is wildlife in the area this is a key winter habitat for caribou and please clean up their poop from the ski trails.

Shared trails. Yield to faster traffic

To ensure safety on our trails, we require that slower traffic yields to faster traffic. This includes yielding to dog mushers (at crossings where ski trails and mushing trails intersect, see picture above), and keeping your pets secured and restrained while passing or sharing of trails is happening. It does not matter if your dog is obedient. Please ensure you are using common sense and common courtesy on the trails!