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The purpose of the Mount Lorne Transfer Station is to deal with waste in a responsible manner. We try to minimize true waste and maximize materials finding their way back into production or extended use. We are interested in the diversion of materials from landfills or (egad!) roadsides and other property. We explore and sometimes manage ways and means to reduce the flow and volume of things into waste streams that might appear to have no use.


TS Operating Hours

Summer Hours

MAY LONG WEEKEND – Regular Summer Hours except CLOSED Monday, May 20th


Friday 7 – 3

Saturday/Sunday 10 – 6

Monday 7 – 3

Winter Hours


Saturday/Sunday 10 – 6

Monday 7 – 3

Garbage: A State of Mind

#11 Making Contact

I was at a dinner gathering last month when a friend started talking about plastic packaging. She objected to the widespread use of plastic pouches..

#10 Garbage is an Idea

It can seem like quite the debilitating a cycle we’ve gotten ourselves into. But as with all our cycles, it’s just a concept. Garbage is...

#9 To Tip or Not To Tip

There is no doubt that good service demands a tip. Even in those situations when we’re not sure if the tip is included or if...

#8 Bamboozled by Bags

It’s taken a long time to come to the point of realizing that we don’t really need quite so many single use plastic shopping bags....

#7 The Long Game

When things have out-lived their present use, I consider re-use as the first option. I’ve come to routinely resist the garbage pail or even the recycling sorting area. Can I use it for something else or can someone else do so? If I can see it in a new light, …

#6 Mining Metal

One area of the Transfer Station (TS) that is not like the others is the metal pile. Old white appliances are near-by and some reclaimable items are placed on the side but by and large the metal pile is not sorted. It’s a large jumble of all types of metal …

#5 Contamination

Is it going to matter that the staple is in with the tea bag? Should I detach the nylon tie from the cardboard label that was in the new jeans pocket? Does the aluminum wrap on the neck of the wine bottle cause a big problem? Should paper come off …

#4 Buying Value

It’s starting to happen. I’m in the store, holding a product that I desire and I’m weighing a bunch of different considerations. Quality. Is this the product that I think it is? Does it look well made? Well-designed? Price. Is it worth the price? Is there a warranty, a rebate, …

#3 Single Use

It’s durable, pliable, waterproof, lightweight, often transparent, formable, buoyant, strong, recyclable, and pretty cheap to make. It’s everywhere. It’s products. It’s packaging. Plastic is fantastic! – Wait a minute. Suddenly, it’s garbage. And it’s a lot of garbage. It’s a lot of problem garbage. For all the benefits of a …

#2 Habits

Sometimes, I can’t get over the complexity of manufacturing. Technology is one thing: cars, electronics, robots, rockets – yeah ok, a lot of material streams have to be worked out there. But even small household products that don’t run on electricity involve a production plan. They probably come with 3 …

#1 Here we are

This valley is special. It has steep cliffs and undulating hills; forest groves and open fields; birds, wildlife, waterways, and back-country trails. It’s where we enjoy a rural life among many homesteads. But, there’s a subtle tug towards a certain activity in one small East-side enclave. Cars, trucks and people …