Yoga & Self-Care

Mondays are better with Yoga

We are pleased to offer Yoga and self-care programs at LMCA. From renown and well-versed yoga instructors, to a great vibe and atmosphere, our yoga nights are designed to leave you feeling better than when you came in the door. Championed by our very own community superstar, Jessica Sellers, this is a long-running tradition at Mt. Lorne.

Our yoga is catered to all abilities, skills and mobility levels. By donation, or FREE when funding is available. Check website and Facebook for updates!

Yoga is at the community centre, Mondays from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. Always check Facebook or eBlasts for updates and cancellations.

Meet Wynoah, our interim Yoga guru!

Wynoah was born and raised in Yukon, living in communities including Marsh Lake and Mount Lorne. After heading to Kelowna, BC for University in 2011, she took time to travel Central and South America where her interest in yoga was born. During Envision Yoga festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, Wynoah noticed a difference between the people there with the mindset to party, and the intentional and vibrant groups of yogis. At that point she knew she wanted to be a yogi. With fire in her belly Wynoah moved to Victoria, BC where she began studying the Eight Limbs of Yoga through Michelle Rubin of Victoria Yoga School. For the past 4+ years Wynoah has been learning and teaching yoga with consistency and devotion.

Wynoah’s Hatha Yoga classes focus on the foundations of body movement and are accessible to all levels of practice. Each class begins by methodically warming up the body before progressing to a variety of postures which use intentional movement to foster a deeper connection to breathe and increase body awareness. Wynoah uses detailed cues that improve stability, mobility, and balance. Modifications are provided to support the uniqueness of each body.

Special thanks to our funders

Yoga (when free to members) is brought to you by the RHEAL Leaders program, issued by the Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY). Thank you for believing in the healing power of music, and its ability to inspire generations.